YouTube videos running without Internet 2019
Welcome, dear visitor, we present to you in this post a way to search a large number of people How to play videos in Youtube without a free and in a legitimate and official application YouTube application is available separately from the application of the official YouTube and named the application YouTube Ko (YouTube Go ) You can use the application such as the application of YouTube and also as we talked to use it to play videos without Internet you must follow some details to be able to run without Internet
1. Download the application from the Play Store or from the bottom of the post directly
2. Open the application and you will be asked to sign in to an email in the phone
3. Then the application interface appears. You can watch any video as usual for selecting any video clip to play without Internet when you click on any video
4. You will see two options: First Play & Second Download. Select the video quality and then choose Download. Do not worry. This application does not save the clip in the phone memory or in the memory card. It only saves it in the application so you can watch it without Internet.
5. So the method ended this way if you use the Internet from the phone data will provide a large percentage of goals and also you can see it at any time you want
# Note The application does not save the video for a long time after a period you will need to run it through the Internet in order to continue running the section without the Internet I do not know the duration but not too long
See the method in a detailed and practical explanation of the application
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Published on: 1/17/19, 4:21 AM